Shipping FAQ

How to send a parcel or a document?

You can send a parcel or a document through shipkar in 3 easy steps. visit to send a shipment.

How to track a shipment?

To track a shipment you can track it through shipkar tracking no or the courier partner tracking no mentioned on the label by visiting the link

How to cancel a shipment?

To cancel a shipment you need to share the AWB no i.e. the tracking no on and your shipment will be cancelled within 2 working hours.

How and when will i get my payment back if a shipment is cancelled?

When you share your AWB or tracking no on we request you to kindly share your bank details or UPI ID and we will reverse the shipping amount within 24 hours.

How can i update the contact or address details of a shipment which is already shipped and is in transit?

You will need to share AWB or tracking no on and we will get the same updated within 24 working hours and update you on the same. 

What are the delivery timings?

A shipment can be delivered between 10:00 to 8:00.

What is voumetric weight and how can i calculate the same?

Volumetric weight means the weight which is measured taking the dimensions of the product. You can calculate the same by visiting the link

What is dead weight?

Dead weight is the actual weight of the shipment which we measure by putting the shipment on a weighing scale.

What weight should be considered while shipping a product?

Volumetric weight or dead weight which ever is higher is considered at the time of shipping and charged accordingly.

I have booked a shipment but the tracking information is not showing on the Order Tracking Page?

We request you to wait for 24 hours to get the tracking status of a shipment. Generally the tracking status is updated within 8 hours but due to delays and work load sometimes the tracking status takes time to get updated in our system.