Shipping Rates for All Over India

ZoneRate for First 10 KgsRate every 1 Kg

Important Shipping Points :

  1. The above mentioned rates are inclusive of Fuel Surcharge, GST and all other charges.
  2. The above mentioned charges are for 10 Kgs and there after each kg will be charged on 1 Kg.
  3. Minimum booking weight is 10 Kg.
  4. Volumetric or Dead weight whichever is higher will be considered as final of the shipment.
  5. Volumetric weight is calculated LxBxH/5000 for all type of services and mode of transportation.
  6. RTO shipment charges will be charged as same as forward charges.
  7. The maximum liability of a shipment is restricted to Rs.2000/- or invoice value whichever is lower.
  8. Shipkar shall not assist in shipping goods that come under the category of prohibited, dangerous goods or restricted good.
  9. The above pricing is subject to change based on fuel surcharges and base rates.
  10. For any other questions please feel free to call on +918451001005 or email us on [email protected]